Chairman Message

Chariman Message

In shipbuilding, from the builder point of view the cost and cost estimation have the same importance as efficiency, ergonomics, comfort and respect to environment. While the owner's demands and the compliance of the ship with the relevant national and international rules are guaranteed by the design, it is also the design process where almost 90% of the ship's cost is determined.

In a shipbuilding project realized without an optimized ship structure and equipment, in the absence of a mature or appropriate design, there is always the risk of high cost due to lots of re-work and production details that are not friendly for the shipyard.

Paying the necessary attention to design process which is occupying a single digit percentage in the ship's cost analysis while being the key factor to get the end product with desired functions and price , would be like a victory won on the table In GK Marine Group, it is our principle to keep our customers' satisfaction at the top level by high quality, timely and accurate engineering and consultancy services in the pursuit of creating a ship that would bring best revenues and best resale value against reasonable cost.

To achieve this goal we continue to raise engineers equipped with useful and correct knowledge, to use state-of-the-art technological tools and to make necessary investments for keeping our quality level high above. In the future we will be at service of humanity for building safe, economical, comfortable, aesthetic, environment-friendly and efficient ships in the Iran, India, Singpore, Malaysia, Russia, USA, Europe and in the World.

Thank you.